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hm [08 Jan 2011|07:57pm]
 Holidays are overs. now school will be back shortly.
but here is a random fact about myself:

Whenever I sneeze, I say "Bless Me"
-Because when I was younger somebody told me that if nobody says that, demons would get you. lol. ^^;;;

Wahhh [22 Nov 2010|01:45pm]
[ mood | confused ]

 Thanksgiving is almost here!!

& while that comes closer I am contemplating the 'end' of a first date.

Some say (Meriem) that: the only reason to even date is for the sex at the end. Even on a first date.
When I believe its more like to see how much you like each other, hanging out alone that will lead into a relationship. Then after a while be ready for the sex. 

Am I thinking too old fashioned ?
Or are some people just way more open sexually?
Why does everything have to be just about sex?

Geesh.. no wonder I have never been on a date (even though im adorable.) -.-"

and lets just face it.. hardly anybody even go on dates nowadays. to get to know the other person, you are basically just texting..
I was so born in the wrong era.


well... [29 Oct 2010|05:30pm]
 There is a party tonight.
to party, or not to party.. that is the question..

You must think im crazy for debating on whether I should go to a party or not.. well I really am just that dull!

(Its been a while since I last posted something.. can I stick to it??)

-Thats all folks.

hmm [19 Jan 2009|10:44am]

Anyine Else get prgnancy dreams?

I remember having 3 in the past year.
Now how wierd is that?

At first is was more like,
I had a kid, but since i was to young to take care of it my family did.
and the second one was also like that.
However, two nights ago i had another one...

I was 3 months pregnant, and i was telling the father, i was happy and so was he.
i believe he was an asian in my dream. 

Yeah, i just had found it odd.

But i really cant wait to have kids XD Of course its going to be after i settle down with anyone.


[20 Mar 2008|01:48pm]
 i have my sister in law staying with us for a while, she 20, and has a 2 year old bay. so its pretty hectic around here. and last night we stayed up till 2 frosting and baking cookies. lol. 

[17 Mar 2008|01:43am]
Alright. im posting from my phone XD. ok so i borrowed the first 2 seasons of one tree hill from caitlin' so lately i been in my room watching it. hmm well now on spring break and i feel kind of sad cuz i cant see kelvin. he didnt go to class friday and i didnt get his number *sigh* well alright. going back to watching the tv show.

[15 Mar 2008|06:08am]
[ mood | okay ]

okayy , so i just got back with this party-thing with some people, and its 6 am. and im pretty much not tired. lol, but my voice seems kinda wierd, probably from the smoking, lol.

heh, well i must say, there was a lot of drama, but oh well, it was pretty fun other then that.

maybe ill try to like sleep. lol. 



[09 Mar 2008|09:17pm]
i must say this weekend was pretty fun.

hung out with some new people, and they were being stupid, and we had a hot wing cook off. The 2 competitors would make their wings, then we would try to see which was better. but they had totally different tastes so it was hard to tell. one was sweet the other was spicy. then 3 guys took shots of the leftover hot sauce.. one took it pretty well. but then one of them well lets just say he ended up on the floor screaming.. yet, it was totally hilarious XD

then we hung out played a lil' of the Rock Band, and we left his house a bit after 11. then me and Amanda went to Walmart to get some snacks for our 6th season of Smallville thing. Got to my house after 12. and started to watch the hot-ness of Tom Welling. Too bad she fell asleep after 2 episodes, and i stayed up till 5. lol, i would of have watched more.. but it seemed rude since she was asleep.

then woke up around 10, dead tired, to help her find her car keys, then she left, the i fell asleep for another 2 hours. XD

I usually sleep like 6-7 hours. and like once a month, i sleep for 12. :P

heh ~ and im currently watching a taidrama called "Silence" Its so great, sad and awesome >.< i just need to watch the last episode. but ill do it tomorrow.

eh. well thats about all i wanted to say.....

OK [06 Mar 2008|06:24pm]
So today, i got to finally finish my math. now all thats left is science, which should be that hardest. so i really might have to study for that one. lol.

anyways ~

i knew Happy Tree Friends were supposed to be like stupid and gross. you know stuff guys like. but i saw the first one, and my mouth really dropped in amazement. reallyyy gruesome. but i'll like still end up watching it. lol

and i got 2 spurs tickets

anyone wanna go? lol jk. but its still pretty sweet. i havnt seen the spurs since i was in like 6th grade.

and for some reason, its freakishly cold.. it was raining earlier, so i had to go cover up my bunny's cage so he wouldnt get wet.. and that was like 5 hours ago. and im still cold..


Cries [04 Mar 2008|08:53pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I have to Take ELA [english Language Arts] TAKS [Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills] -you know basically the tests you have to take in like each grade and what not.-

so i have to be at this place by 8, and i'll be finished by 10, but i really dont have a ride.. lol. but at least i wont have to go to school for the rest of the day.. :P

On iTunes:

i got some Podcasts about like learning japanese, and some help like a lot. and its easier to learn since i've seen so many j-dramas and such, and just a lot of words i knew, just not the COMPLETE meaning.. lol.

also got Happy Tree Friends.. Cute, yet SOO violent XD

well gotta go and get ready for tomorrow.

Later~~ [myself]


cutee [03 Mar 2008|04:09pm]

Well, it tanks having to upload like a stack of cds into iTunes.. im ucurrently doing "The Master of Classical Music" it has 10 CD;s each with a different composer. in all it has.. Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi, Schubert, Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi, Johann Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Bach, and Mozart.. 

Anwayss ~

Everyone says thier kids are cute, but SERIOUSLY these two are adorablee <3

the girl is my niece, the boy, is my lil' cuzin


[01 Mar 2008|11:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Alright. Monday, wed, thurs, and friday, i have Exit level TAKS. but instead of studying, i end up visiting my family, not that i would have studied much anyway.. :P

lol, you know. to be honest. im pretty lonely here. all the friends i had dont get on anymore. *tear*

heh. well hopefully soon enough. yeah?

Adios.. myself. ?


:P [26 Feb 2008|07:16pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

had class today from 9-11

then went to the mall and got ::

New Coach Purse


hmm [24 Feb 2008|04:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Just felt like i had to say..

i now own 47 manga's.

not bad. lol.


OHH my XD [23 Feb 2008|07:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I've had this LJ for like almost 6 years.. XD

but yeah, like it says in my profile thingy.. 

i do come on.. its not like i dissapeared forever since the last time i posted, soo noo worries.

and i dont post a lot.. since. lets face it, im not all that exciting.. recently.. lol.

so no idea what to say.

demo, happy related birthday to Kame-chan!


hey [16 Jun 2005|08:12pm]
haha.. hey. i hardly get on here.. as u can see. lol.. well i get on myspace.. www.myspace.com/sexifriends4eva

hey [01 May 2005|05:28am]
[ mood | confused ]

ok, everyone, here is the deal, i havnt been writing much well cuz i moved, and now where i am i dont have internet.. but dont worry that will all change after im all done with school.. in fact i don even know if i will be here, i might go to www.myspace.com well anywayz...me and this guy nelson started going out on the 18 and it been like 3 weeks but i think i need to brake up with him cuz, hes not even acting like a bf.. what should i do??!! should i tell him the problem of brake everything off?


[16 Oct 2004|12:30pm]
[ mood | crushed ]


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... [04 Jul 2004|09:25am]
Hey... Wwwwwaaazzzuuuuuupppppp?????

[29 Feb 2004|02:07am]
I miss Desiree soo much! since she moved back to Hawii... it not the same! but i SHOULD be used to it by now....

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